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As the year whooshes by, we are constantly confronted with good and bad leadership. It’s all around us. Every decision in some way affects the lives of others. With that in mind, what if we redefined Christian leadership to be more like ‘followership’?

Let me explain.

We all lead in various ways: in ministries, workplaces, schools, businesses etc. For the most part, we lead in what we are good at and we see our organisations move forward – hopefully! This year I have sensed a small whisper – to follow first and lead second. To seek out and follow the voice of the Good Shepherd; to follow the path He lays out for me; and to follow the nudging and guidance of His Spirit. He is a leader I can trust. If ‘followership’ (of Him) was at the forefront, then my leadership would be aligned with the direction He has for me and for those I lead.

When unexpected challenges come, and yes, they come regularly, I am learning to stop what I am doing; to listen to the voice of the Shepherd; to follow His guidance; and then lead. In doing so, I sense my thoughts calming and the way forward clearer.

In your leadership today, do you need to be more of a follower?

CEO Global Leadership Network Australia & New Zealand
Founder & Executive Director Women Leaders Network, Global Leadership Network

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Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives.

Galations 5:25

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“If you think you’re a leader and you turn around and no one is following you, then you’re simply out for a walk.”


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