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Global Leadership Network Australia

Bruce Moore

Executive Director, UnitingCare Queensland
GLNA Board Chair

Bruce is a member of the Executive Team as Director of Mission for UnitingCare Queensland. As an influential leader he draws from a rich experience in ministry and mission roles within the Uniting Church and other Christian organisations including Scripture Union QLD. He has a diverse background in senior management positions within government, private business and the not-for-profit sectors and is well-recognised for his expertise in leadership development, transformational and cultural change.

Bruce holds a Bachelor of Theology, graduate qualifications in Management and Environmental Science and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and International Association of Teamwork Facilitators.

He is married Cathy and a proud dad with four adult sons and has many stories to tell about the days when he used to wrestle crocodiles for a living.

Melissa Lipsett

CEO, Baptist World Aid Australia
GLNA Board Secretary

As the CEO of Baptist World Aid, Melissa has a lifetime of leadership lessons and wisdom to share from a wide diversity of situations. She developed leadership skills early as an officer in the military, honed these over two decades in the very different setting of the local church, and has subsequently led faith-based and complex organisations in the for-purpose space.

Melissa is a board director of Transform Aid International, Micah Australia, and Integral Alliance, and also serves on the Professional Standards Committee of The Salvation Army. She is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Melissa and her husband Peter love to spend time hanging out with their two young adult children and their extended family and friends. They also love to serve in their local community.

Dale White

Senior Paster, Springwood Church of Christ
GLNA Board Member

Dale is the Senior Pastor at Springwood Church of Christ south of Brisbane. Previously he served for 22 years as Senior Pastor at HumeRidge Church of Christ in Toowoomba.

During those years in Toowoomba Dale hosted and facilitated the Global Leadership Summit for 12 consecutive years – from 2007 to 2018.

Dale is a Graduate of the Australian Institute for Company Directors, and last year completed a Master of Arts with the Australian College of Ministries (ACOM). In addition to his ministry role he is also on the Board of Churches of Christ in Queensland.

He is married to Wendy, who serves as Women’s Pastor at Springwood, and they have three young adult children.

Andy Hopper

Team Leader, Hillsong Leadership Network
GLNA Board Member

Andy is the Team Leader of the Hillsong Leadership Network – connecting with and training leaders around the world with the principles and practises to grow a healthy local church.

Since attending the GLS as a teenager back in the UK (even skipping school to do so), he has held an unshakeable belief that the local Church is the hope of the world, and is committed to helping churches of all sizes, styles and denominations realise their untapped potential. 

Andy also bring pastoral oversight to Hillsong’s church plants across Asia, and sits on the Executive team that organises Hillsong Conference. 

He and his wife Naomi live in Sydney with their three young children.

Leonie Wright

Head of Mission Engagement, Interseed Foundation
GLNA Board Member

Leonie works for Interseed, focusing on Carmichael Campus, Queensland, which incorporates a School, Kindergarten, Early Learning, Café, and Church. Her role is to see the transformation of lives by facilitating opportunities for connection and development, to unlock the potential in people and for them to discover their God-given purpose in life. She is passionate about continuously developing leaders and effectively accomplishing the mission.

A strong desire to see people and organisations develop effectively led her to the Global Leadership Summit; from there she hosted the GLS from 2006- 2019 at Kardinia Church.

Leonie has three adult children, a son, two daughters and two sons-in-law; together with Rick, they love spending time with their grown children, grandchildren, and friends.

Kynan Brooks

Lead Paster, Hope Valley Church
GLNA Board Member

Kynan has held a position of leadership and ministry at Hope Valley Church for over 22 years. The role has included transitioning Hope Valley to be a church that is contemporary in nature, community based and gospel centred. This long term tenure has involved staff management, property development and leadership across most ministries and at every level.

His heart for the church and his community has led through times of abundance and times of crisis and each of these seasons has drawn out deep leadership values and attributes.

He leads his life by example, walking with Christ, raising and empowering leaders to be effective in their mission and being community driven.