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I wonder what season you are in right now.

It is the middle of the year and for many, the past six months have held many challenges. Adjusting, building teams, multi-tasking, reimagining – all great but all things that can make us feel more like we are just coping rather than thriving. I was in a zoom call this last week and a leader in the USA said, β€œKaren, do you want to skip the agenda and just chat?” I exhaled. We leant in. And we chatted.

Just having a personal conversation with someone who cared brought new strength and life to my day.

One thing I have learnt in a lifetime of leadership and ministry is that we are always investing well when we invest in others – those alongside and those coming up behind us. It is sometimes easier with those alongside as they are peers and colleagues and often think similarly. When it comes to the upcoming generation, and sometimes reaching-back to propel them forward, we can often feel inadequate and ill-equipped to do so. It can be awkward.

This month, I am thrilled to announce that as an organisation we are providing an answer to this, and have just released a new training course called THRIVE! We want to help you build resilient, mission minded youth ministry teams, who are equipped to disciple, lead, and THRIVE! It’s brilliant!

In the short welcome clip below, Fiona and Sarah (THRIVE! course creators with over 40 years combined experience working with youth ministries) share their heart and what it’s all about.

May you have moments of breathing and thriving (and maybe even just chatting) in your week.

CEO Global Leadership Network Australia & New Zealand
Founder & Executive Director Women Leaders Network, Global Leadership Network

The complete 101 guide on how to build a thriving youth ministry.

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What's it all About? THRIVE! Welcome Video