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Global Leadership Network Australia

Karen Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

Karen serves as our Chief Executive Officer. She is also the GLN Vice President for International Ministries having recently founded and launched the GLN (Global Leadership Network) Women Leaders Network. This network is rapidly growing across North America and 13 other nations. Karen has worked overseeing GLN in Asia for many years and she works alongside a gifted staff who equip and resource leaders across every state and territory of Australia and New Zealand. Karen has a strong involvement with the Baptist World Alliance, and she is the President for the Baptist World Alliance Women 2020-2025. An ordained minister, Karen has pastored churches and held many leadership roles with organisations and not for profit boards.

Phil Thomson

Executive Director

Phil serves as our Executive Director. He has an MBA, a Master of Arts (Christian Leadership), and is an endorsed minister with Churches of Christ Qld. Phil has leadership experience in business, not-for-profit and church ministry contexts and is passionate about growing healthy leaders. Phil is also a Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker and brings expertise in marketing and strategy to the GLNA.

Fiona Cochrane

GLS Next Gen National Director – Australia

Fiona serves as our GLNA Next Gen National Director. A seasoned Youth Worker, Fiona also pastors The Rock Christian Family Church with her husband John and serves in management roles for various charities. With a background in production, event management, marketing, youth work, and missions, Fiona is passionate about inspiring the next generation to believe they can change the world and equipping them to do so.

Sarah McCutcheon

Next Gen Relationships Manager – Australia

Sarah is passionate about empowering young people to become innovative thinkers and change agents. With an experienced background in diverse organisational planning and operations, Sarah’s roles have included everything from executive leadership to directing a full-time citywide youth initiative, pioneering a skateboarding program, and developing overseas service trips for teenagers. Sarah has over two decades working with a youth NFP and is a highly sought-after international speaker and educator in the areas of youth culture, Generation Z and youth leadership. She is also owner of the ethical clothing brand Straya Shirts and author of ‘The Relationship Status’ book.

Kellie Parsons

Design and Communications Officer

Kellie has over 8 years of professional experience in graphic design, digital marketing and visual communication in both business and the not-for-profit sectors. She is passionate about her gifts being used here at the GLNAus/NZ to see transformation in people’s lives. She also assists numerous countries in global marketing and design. Kellie has served in various local church roles including board membership, service co-ordination and media. When not designing she enjoys coffee with friends, cycling the river paths of Perth, photography and more recently flying drones over the coast.

Michelle Clare

Office Manager

Michelle has 30 years of professional experience in administration and business management. She understands the importance of effectively managing resources to maximise the efficiency of the organisation. She is committed to excellence and is passionate about supporting the team to achieve every success.

She is married and loves spending quality time with her family and grandchildren.

Margaret Spicer

NZ Leadership Consultant

Margaret has education and pastoral qualifications and has held positions as a Senior Pastor, CEO of Willow Creek Association NZ and Generational Ministries Pastor at Crossway Baptist Church in Melbourne and Executive Pastor at Gracecity Church in Auckland. She is known for conference speaking, leadership coaching and strategic team building. Her passion for the local church, NextGen Ministries and families drives her desire to see leaders effectively engage people with Jesus where they live, work, play and worship. Margaret is married to Brian and is always ready for a coffee and a chat.

Tracey Howells

Administration Manager

Tracey serves GLNA as the Administration Manager. She brings a love for serving others and fostering efficiency among the team. With admin experience in the medical professional space, church and children’s ministry programs, Tracey brings her organizational skills and efficiency to every task. She is a worship leader and is passionate about people saying yes to Jesus and His call on their lives. Tracey is married to Stephen, lives in the Perth Hills, and enjoys all things F1 racing.

Shane Kuchel

Relationship Manager

As the Relationship Manager for GLNA Shane has the privilege of working with ministry and business leaders, encouraging them to engage with the GLS in a way which is going to meet their needs. Shane has spent 25 years leading in ministry and business. He receives joy in seeing teams and leaders growing and thriving. Shane has led his own business, worked in various levels of the church in both local and state settings, and has worked in financial advice. Shane holds an MBA, 3 Ministry degrees and a Diploma of Financial Planing. He is also a certified Working Genius Trainer and Coach.