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The GLS Business is held in organisations across Australia and New Zealand to see leaders and staff equipped for greater impact.

Featuring world-class pre-recorded speakers and engaging group discussions to maximise learning, the GLS Business will strengthen the leadership skills of everyone in your organisation. With practical and actionable content, every session will stimulate growth, increase engagement and improve productivity.

“The Global Leadership Summit inspires us to lead with a purpose bigger than ourselves. This is a true gift to our organisation.”


Co-Founder & Co-CEO Evereve

“The GLS is arguably the most effective, purpose-filled leadership development experience in the world. The high quality, inspiring content has made many people within our organisation better leaders…including me!”


President & CEO, Ace Hardware Corp.

Scale up with the leadership tools your organisation needs!

Flexible Delivery

GLS Business features many hours of world-class content which can be utilised for professional development in small-groups or presented as part of entire staff events. Use the facilitation notes to lead powerful times of reflection and dynamic group discussion.

Content Themes

  • Growing leadership resilience and capacity
  • Enhancing interpersonal communication skills
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations
  • Building a culture of innovation
  • Maximising team cohesion and performance

Our Speakers Include

Get ready to gain new ideas and a fresh perspective from 16 leading experts spanning a range of fields and backgrounds. Includes keynote talks, leadership short clips and Grander Vision inspiring stories of impact - contact us to find out more!


When can my organisation host a GLS Business?

Upon registering for GLS Business, you can host your event at a time that best suits you!

What is the suggested format?

GLS Business consists of 20 items of video content, each exploring a different leadership theme.
You can present resources together as several one-day events, or spaced out over multiple days/weeks for shorter gatherings such as lunch & learn sessions or mastermind groups.
  • A one-day event, or
  • Spaced out over multiple days/weeks

What is the speaker line-up?

We have gathered exceptional content from a range of world-class speakers. ​These speakers are reviewed annually and the GLS Business is updated with fresh content each year.

Does each package include Processing Tools (eg: notebook)?

YES! We provide a high-quality notebook and other dynamic processing tools to assist participants to maximise their learning. These resources are available in a digital format and ​are located in our GLS Business Event Tool Kit. For the notebook, we recommend that you provide printed copies to your attendees.

Are there any minimum requirements to become a GLS Business Host?

No – If you have the passion to engage, equip and empower people to grow in their leadership, we will provide the resources and support for you to host GLS Business at your own venue and with your own team.

Can I speak with someone to determine which format best suits my organisation?

Absolutely, we’d love to assist! Contact us to arrange a phone call or Zoom call.

What is the registration cost to attendees?

Having registered for GLS Business, you may choose to present the GLS Business free of charge or pass on an appropriate fee for the purpose of enhancing the attendee experience (to cover costs such as catering, production and printing the notebook). ​

Do you offer an alternate payment method?

Purchases via our website are our preference to expedite the process of providing you with event materials. We can however arrange to invoice you for direct debit payment if you prefer. Please contact us via email.

Who is responsible for running the event including ticketing, marketing and catering?

All the tools you need to run a successful event with your own team and in your own venue will be provided ahead of time.

When will I receive the programming content?

Shortly after registering for GLS Business, you will receive access to all pre-recorded speaker and event content. The Content Vault contains 20 x speaker videos of various lengths between 5-40 minutes in length. You will also receive access to an Online Toolkit to support your event (helpful promotional and production materials) as well as speaker notes to assist you facilitate powerful personal reflection and dynamic group discussion.