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A word on Courage from our CEO

2023 was a challenging year for me.

With new work teams needing to be formed, the launching of a global ministry initiative, trying to end the year financially secure, and suffering a serious accident all combined… I found myself depleted and to be completely honest, exhausted. The idea of charging full steam into a new year was the last thing I could think of.

So, I did what most would love to do – I shut the computer and went on a cruise!

I had two weeks of rest, sleep, eat and repeat – it was an incredible gift.

During that time, I considered the season ahead and what it would take to muster the courage to turn up and ‘do it all again’. I wondered if I could do it. We can all feel that way at times. Rest and reflection helped.

Reminding myself of the leadership call was crucial.

I also listened to a Lectio 365 devotional which said, “Perhaps our posture this year should be, ‘Lord, the answer is yes. What is the question?’ Then we hold on tight ready for the next adventure.” Hearing that, I chuckled. Sometimes leadership is exactly that. A courageous ‘yes’ decision and then you step into whatever comes your way.

We are standing with you as we take these steps together. Whatever 2024 looks like, we will do our best to serve and equip you for strength and courage in your leadership.

Karen Wilson

CEO Global Leadership Network Australia & New Zealand

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