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As we approach this Easter, I wonder if you feel it is “just another” Easter? Stores are overflowing with chocolate eggs, pastors and teams are investing hours into easter services, families are planning a 4 day break and doesn’t it feel like the year just began?

Sometimes I can get caught up in doing all-the-things and forget to pause, take a breath and embrace the sacred moments.

Last night I did something I don’t normally do…

I participated in the first online global cohort women leaders gathering

We officially launched the global Women Leaders Network last August in Chicago, since then we have seen incredible growth. Women stepping up all over the world (now in 24 countries) standing alongside one another. Last night we gathered the cohort leaders together for the first time. Close to 50 women from all over the globe. There was great enthusiasm and the atmosphere was electric.

Women shared openly about their calling and in some cases their struggles.

There was a moment that caught my breath.

I asked the women gathered, “What is it you want to be remembered for?” Answers came into the chat: advocate, champion of others, consistent, committed, loving. Then Susan spoke up. “I want people to think of Jesus, not me.” You could feel the room pause. Of course! That seemed like the answer we all should have given, but in reality it wasn’t.

In this Easter week, may you have time to pause, to create space and consider: When others think of your leadership, do you radiate Christ? Do they think of Jesus?

CEO Global Leadership Network Australia & New Zealand
Founder & Executive Director Women Leaders Network, Global Leadership Network

Radiate Christ – Tom de Vries

Following Jesus – Andy Stanley

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