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Coming to 7 cities in May & June 2023
You're Invited!

Are you overwhelmed by the noise, busyness, and pace of your life?

Join us for an exclusive half-day Leaders Networking Event exploring the topic of soul care. Featuring in-person keynote speaker Jason ‘Perko’ Perkins as he shares practical insights on how you can reach your goals without losing your soul.

Network, learn, grow and connect with hundreds of leaders as we gather in 7 cities across Australia & New Zealand!

Discover practical tools for staying healthy amidst the increasing demands of leadership.

"The health of your inner life will eventually be revealed in your external life."
Jason ‘Perko’ Perkins
Are you overwhelmed by the noise, busyness, and pace of your life?

Discover what it means to apprentice under the Master, Jesus by:

  1. Living the way He lived
  2. Adopting His rhythms of rest and relationship
  3. Practicing His habits to thrive and bear fruit
Session 1  

  • Identifying where our doing flows from
  • Building the keystone habit of being with Jesus
  • Cultivating the habits of silence and solitude
Session 2

  • Curing of our insatiable, disordered desire for more
  • Adopting His rhythms to replenish our soul
  • Developing the habits of simplicity and sabbath
About Perko

An engaging communicator, Jason ‘Perko’ Perkins is a Pastor, Podcaster and Director for the Irresistible Church Network in Australia & New Zealand. He is also the Emotionally Healthy Discipleship (EHD) Director for Australasia. Through years of leadership, Perko has experienced some of the highest highs and some of the lowest lows. He and his wife Kristin started their life together as missionaries and they welcomed their three children amazing kids into the world, Xavier, Olivia and Miles. They’ve always taken each new opportunity on mission, together, as a family.

Perko has served as a camp director for Word of Life as well as corporate roles in marketing and sales. In 2015, he accepted a lead pastor position at a North Point Strategic partner church in Colorado Springs, USA where after years of growth in attendance, engagement, and giving he came face to face with burn out. It was in this season that Perko realised the importance of soul care, and how it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your strategy or success.

Now Perko and his family are living in Brisbane where he is passionate about helping leaders and teams reach their strategic goals without losing their souls. Along with his role with the Irresistible Churches Network, he provides coaching and consulting services to ministry leaders and their staff.

Learn more about Perko here.

  • Half-Day Event (9am-12pm)
  • Morning Tea
  • Soul Care notebook
  • Personal reflection
  • Group discussion
  • Extended networking with leaders
New Zealand

For the best experience, bring a friend or your whole team and take advantage of discounted pricing.

Learn to tend the garden of your inner life.
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