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Boost Your Leadership Confidence

Craig Groeschel

“Success and confidence are never a result of huge changes. When a leader lacks confidence the team lacks commitment.” In this session, Craig Groeschel will speak about 3 steps we can take to boost our leadership confidence and to battle insecurity both personally, in our teams and in this season.


When Truth Speaks to Power

Joseph Grenny
We live in a culture of silence. Many lack the skills to speak up in crucial situations. In this short video, New York Times Best-Selling author Joseph Grenny explains how leaders can create a climate where truth is more important than power.

The Science of Personality

Vanessa Van Edwards
In this session with Vanesa Van Edwards, Best-Selling Author and Lead Behavioural Investigator, Science of People, she explores the science of personality diving into how you can better predict behaviour, fix communication problems and build stronger, deeper relationships.

Harness Your Inner Curiosity

Liz Bohannon
In this short video, Liz shares how important it is to harness your inner beginner in a season of change. She challenges leaders to choose curiosity over criticism, listen courageously and to be open to new solutions to our new problems in order to have an edge and build lives and organisations of purpose, passion and impact for the long haul.

Four Leadership Anchors for Teams

Dr. Henry Cloud
When facing crisis and change, one thing often happens in teams—fragmentation. In this short video, Dr. Henry Cloud provides four anchors for you to implement to sustain what is today and plan for a new tomorrow.

Laddering Up

Juliet Funt
In this short video from GLS20, Juliet discusses how to refill your tank and shares a simple exercise that will help you ladder up to inspire your productivity and fuel your life. What’s the best possible outcome of that?

Leadership in Crisis

John C. Maxwell
The COVID crisis presented us with opportunity. Watch this 5-minute video from John C. Maxwell named the Most Influential Business Leader in the world as he shares two leadership tips that will move you to live a life that really matters.

Cultivate Hope

Danielle Strickland
In this short video, Danielle shares the leadership trifecta that will take your influence to the next level, and encourage you to cultivate hope in a difficult season.

Leading Through Crisis: Tiers of Effectiveness

Craig Groeschel
Leadership is always important – and it is more important now than ever. In this coaching webinar, Craig Groeschel discusses the opportunities that can be found in the midst of the crisis we are facing and how we can best direct our attention for effectiveness.

Unleash Your Best Work Every Day

Todd Henry

Each day that we postpone difficult tasks and succumb to the clutter that chokes creativity, discipline, and innovation results in a net deficit to the world, our organisations, and ourselves. In this video, Todd Henry explains the forces that keep us from producing our best work, and introduces 3 ‘notables’ to ask yourself that will help you identify your productive pattern, unleash your best work, and die empty.

The Cure for Corruption

Raja Singh
A Professor, Chartered Accountant and Senior Partner of Khanna & Associates in Mumbai, Raja Singh shares 7 lessons on how to be integrous and successful in the face of corruption.

Turn Left – Short Film

What if you were wrong about the way things are?

“The basic building blocks of neighborhoods are not programs; the basic building blocks of neighborhoods are neighbors.” – Robert Lupton

Neighboring might mean developing a relationship with someone a few blocks from your house, or it could mean moving into a different neighborhood to bring support and vitality to the area.

Find out more about this film here:

2018 INTL Partner Meeting (Craig Groeschel)

Craig Groeschel is the founder and senior pastor of Life.Church, a church with locations in ten states. He is married to Amy and has six children and one grandchild. They live in Edmond, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City, where Life.Church is based.

2018 INTL Partner Meeting Session 7 (Danielle Strickland)

Danielle Strickland is currently based in Toronto, Canada. Her aggressive compassion has served people firsthand in countries all over the world. From establishing Justice Departments for The Salvation Army to launching Global anti-trafficking initiatives, to creating new movements to mobilize people towards transformational living. Danielle trains, advocates, and inspires people to live differently.

2018 INTL Partner Meeting (Bruce Berglund)

Donor By Design is a team of professionals from the non-profit world who have joined together to help great causes live their mission. We are committed to helping these non-profits grow stronger in their development abilities so that they not only achieve their campaign goal, but go on to greater achievements using the tools they’ve learned from us.

“Leading Well (1-day Forum)” 2019 with Nancy Beach

An honest conversation to bring strength to Australian leaders and deal with issues of gender and power equity. Hear from Nancy Beach (Leadership Coach, Author and Speaker), Samantha Beach (Writer and Performer) and Melissa Lipsett (Chief Operating Officer – Bible Society Australia).

Discussion includes: How to create a culture where men and women lead well together. How to recognise the signs that this is not happening.

GLS Plus 2018
Audio Downloads

GLS Plus 2018 with Carey Niewhof was a one-day conference for church leaders and teams passionate about healthy, effective and sustainable ministry.

Over our day together we had the opportunity to hear from Carey Nieuwhof who joined us in person to share transferable principles for churches of any size passionate about the Great Commission. We learn’t principles on Developing leaders who thrive, keys to creating a Church with a lasting impact, The high impact leader, The multiplier effect (young leaders), Leading change without losing it and Renewing the leader’s heart.

Carey Nieuwhof
Session 2  |  11.30am – 1pm

Download Audio (60.1mb)

Carey Nieuwhof
Session 3  |  2pm – 3.15pm

Download Audio (56.1mb)

Carey Nieuwhof
Session 4  |  3.45pm – 4.45pm

Download Audio (40.7mb)