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for partnering with us to host GLS22 for your community!

Marketing Kit

Everything you need to promote your GLS Premier.

We’ve pre-packaged most of the files you will need to promote your GLS Premier event.

In this File you will find:

  • 1 x A3 Poster with QR Code
  • 1x A5 Flyer with QR Code
  • 1x Powerpoint File with 3 Slide options with QR Code
  • 3 x Social Media Images
  • 1x HTML Email file
  • 4 x Website Banners
  • 2 x Animated Email Banners

It does not include Promotional Videos, Caption Text for social media or Mailchimp Email Template. These items are available  on this page.


Transparent PNG, for use on light background. Click logo to open full version in a new window and download.
Primary Logo
Condensed – for use where space is limited.


Transparent PNG, for use on dark background. Click logo to open full version in a new window and download.
Primary Logo
Condensed – for use where space is limited.

Three 1 x 1 graphic options for use on Instagram or Facebook. These image files are included in the Zipped file (above).


Be inspired, equipped and recharged at GLS22.

Join us for GLS22 which will be held right here!


See all the details and book today at the lowest cost: 👉



GLS22 IS COMING SOON!  ✨Check out this years world-class leadership speakers, including three local influencers.✨

Experience high-impact sessions that will help you in building Culture, Connection and Resilience.


Register today before the Early Bird price closes! 🙌



The speaker lineup is locked in. The GLN team is pumped and our Local team is ready to host you.


Whether you are an executive, stay at home parent, student or senior; you can experience growth by investing in  your leadership skills.

Register TODAY!!


Use these Promo Videos on social media, website, Church news etc. To download the videos, please Click the thumbnail then Click the Video Title located at the top left corner. This will open the video in Vimeo and a Download button will display below the media player.

GLS22 Australia & New Zealand Promo
GLS22 Australia & New Zealand Promo – Short 0:55
GLS22 Craig Groeschel Invite
GLS22 Craig Groeschel Invite – Short

To share this campaign just click on a button below and edit to suit.
MailChimp is our preferred option to maintain correct formatting of the email.

Requires a MailChimp account.

Open the template in MailChimp and edit or add details as appropriate.

In your zipped file (above) you will also find an HTML file for use. Please note that this may not show correctly in all email platforms/browsers. 

Event Kit

Hosting a GLS Premier is as simple as READY, SET, GO!

  • Once the program is released plan catering around break times
  • Engage catering organisation (Morning & Afternoon Tea, Lunch and Coffee/Tea)
  • Utilise the Marketing Kit to promote your GLS Premier to your team, organisation, congregation and networks (have them register directly via your unique URL or QR Code)
  • Sign up volunteers and assign jobs
  • Check and ensure GLS Notebooks have arrived from GLN
  • Print attendee name cards for registration – artwork found in Event Tool Kit
  • Confirm all catering with your caterer, including dietary requirements (found on weekly registration report)
  • Confirm volunteers are trained in the relevant areas
  • Ensure all who attend your GLS Premier are registered via the GLN Aus/NZ website / registration platform
  • Have laptop available at registration table for any walk-ins who would like to register
  • Have a tech-savvy person oversee audio-visual components to optimise picture and sound quality.
    Preload content onto the system prior to the day to ensure all is in working order.
  • Walk through rooms to do risk assessment after setting up – no tripping hazards, no cords laying on the ground etc
  • Show the four sessions of GLS content onto a suitably large screen (via Content tab).
  • Lead facilitation moments in the room to guide participants through reflection and discussion times through reflection and discussion times
  • Oversee registration table
  • Oversee break times and any catering arrangements
  • Ensure all participants details are updated within your group on Brushfire for them to each receive 7-days Video-on-Demand from GLN AUS & NZ between 22-29th November.
  • Invoice GLN AUS & NZ $30 inc GST for each paid attendee (not including complimentary tickets to host site or GLNA Staff/Board attendees)

Personnel Overview

The key roles & responsibilities you need to fulfil at a GLS Premier

Host Leader

The primary contact to distribute relevant information and updates to the Host Team

  • Use the Marketing Kit to promote your event locally. 
  • Use the Event Kit to prepare your team to Host GLS. 
  • Use the Production Kit to present a high-quality event. 
  • Ensure all who attend your GLS are registered via the GLNA website.
  • Access ticketing portal “Brushfire”, to see real-time registrations and contact details.  
  • At the conclusion of your event, ensure all participants details are updated within your group on Brushfire for them to each receive 7-days Video-on-Demand from GLN AUS & NZ between 22-29th November.

Tech Coordinator

Oversee all audio-visual and technical elements.

  • Responsible for picture and sound quality, lighting and computer operation.
  • Test and optimise internet connection speeds to ensure smooth streaming playback of large video files.
  • Ensure a suitably large screen and projection quality for presenting GLS content.
  • Oversee the preparation, checking and presentation of playback files.
  • Plays Event Countdown Timer pre-event and during break times.

Event Manager

Provide the best possible off-stage environment.

  • Assist the Host Leader to promote your GLS to maximise registrations for your event.
  • Engage catering company
  • Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Set-up chairs and round tables to maximise discussion and participant interaction.
  • Clean and decorate the venue.
  • Prepare name tags or lanyards.
  • Provide all participants with the printed GLS Notebook (Supplied by GLN).
  • Set up and oversee registration desk and catering.

Facilitator / MC

Communicate clearly from the stage and lead the facilitation times to maximise learning.

  • Communicate announcements and session times and sets the tone for the conference, 
  • Predetermine break times including length of facilitation moments, 
  • Directs participants to their GLS Notebooks to maximise learning during facilitation times.


Oversee all programming and on-stage elements.

  • Plan, rehearse and execute programming elements that will add to the impact of the learning content (eg live music or creative moments).  
  • Lead the Tech Coordinator and Music Director (if applicable).
  • Be responsible for everything that happens inside the auditorium during the conference.

Production Kit

Get ready to host your GLS Premier experience!

Contents Coming Soon – including:
  • Summit Notebook (digital and print-ready versions)
  • Finalised GLS22 Program
  • Production Tips
  • Facilitator Tips

Content Vault

Access is coming…

The GLS Premier Host Site Leaderwill receive an email with instructions to how to access the GLS22 content on Thursday 6th October 2022.
This will provide you access to stream all pre-recorded speaker and event content (4 video session files) at your event.

Test Your Tech

We strongly encourage you to have a tech-savvy participant oversee audio-visual components of your GLS Premier to optimise internet streaming, picture and sound quality. To help test your tech setup, please enjoy a recording of our GLS: Special Edition from August, 2022.

Our National Administrator and Event Coordinator Bron Nance will support you every step of the way.

If you need further assistance, email: or call: 1300 185 640