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GLS21Leader's Toolkit

GLS21 Production Kit

Are you ready?
We are so excited to partner with you in hosting the Global Leadership Summit. Please read our production tips below that will assist you to create a successful Summit experience. Scroll down for two versions of the GLS21 Summit Notebook.

GLS21 Program

Click graphic to download a PDF version of the GLS21 Program.

Top 5 Production Tips

It’s time to get ready to host your very own Summit experience! 

  1. The GLS21 Content Vault will be released to you by the close of business on Thursday 7 October 2021 (via email notification).
  2. You will receive password-protected access to the following video files which will be housed on the Vimeo platform for you to stream:
    • All of the Australian GLS21 speaker and creative content, Australian MC intros/outros, all edited together on 4 video files (one for each session).
    • A 5th video will also be included for use as a countdown timer during break times.
  3. Please stream each of the four session videos in their entirety (ie no skipping/trimming) and in the order provided to ensure continuity between speakers.
  4. The GLS21 Notebook comes in two versions – a digital version (pdf) including space for note-taking, and a print-ready version should you wish to print copies for those attending your GLS Local in-person.
  5. Facilitation: Our pre-recorded content includes built-in personal reflection moments led by our Australian MC’s. Should you wish to provide group discussion time, we encourage you to do that at the conclusion of each session, rather than pressing pause along the way. The GLS21 Notebook contains group discussion questions for each of the talks as needed.

Top 5 Facilitator Tips

To help maximise your participant’s Summit experience and foster a unique learning environment:

  1. Select a suitable person for the role of facilitator. He or she will help participants draw out key learnings from each session through stimulating group discussion and personal reflection times.
  2. Choose someone who is an excellent communicator – warm, engaging and displays good energy from the front of the room. Brief them about their specific role so they can lead these times with confidence.
  3. The best facilitators are those who guide the learning process but do not feel the need to add their own teaching to what’s been shared by the Summit speakers.  This will best be done by breaking GLS Local attendees into smaller groups of 3-5 people to increase participation.
  4. The facilitator should familiarise themselves with the GLS21 Notebook paying particular attention to the facilitation questions listed for each of the Summit speakers. These questions will be focus points for reflection moments and group discussion.
  5. The facilitator needs to give the delegates enough time to reflect, discuss and write their action steps before directing them to break times.

What happens if my region is in lockdown or restrictions impact plans for hosting GLS Local in-person?

We do have contingency plans in place to help you best navigate this situation:
  1. You may opt to reschedule your event for a later time (during your 9-week viewing window 8/10-12/12),
  2. Proceed with multiple, smaller in-person gatherings in multiple locations,
  3. Host your GLS Local with registered participants via an online platform such as Zoom,
  4. Transfer your group to attend one of our GLS Online Livestreams (18th or 20th November).

Contact GLNA to discuss which option will best serve you and your event.

Summit Notebook

Digital Notebook (12MB)

This version of the Summit Notebook is designed for digital use only. It is an editable PDF with interactive blocks for notes.

Print Notebook (58MB)

The Print Summit Notebook is designed for in-house printing. Created at A4 size, it can be printed double-sided or made into a booklet. If you require a version for external printing please contact or call 1300 185 640.